Species: Rats and Mice
Organ: Zymbal gland
Localization: Adjacent to the auditory canal
Number of sections: 1
Direction: Transverse
Remarks: A preparation of the Zymbal's gland is not advisable, instead a transverse section across the base of the decalcified skull at both ethmoidal bullae is performed.

Head, ventral aspect: level of Zymbal's gland.

Head, dorsal aspect after removal of skull cap and brain: Zymbal's gland (Ma: meatus acusticus externus, P: pituitary gland, Eb: ethmoidal bullae).

Zymbal's gland (Z), ethmoidal bullae (Eb).

The Zymbal's glands are made up of several lobules of modified sebaceous glands which are located at the base of the external ear (anterio-ventral). A section through the base of the skull at the level of the external ears generally results in a section plane through one or more lobules of Zymbal's glands tissue.

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