Species: Rats and Mice
Organ: Heart
Localization: Through ventricles and atria with auricles
Number of sections: 1
Direction: Longitudinal
Remarks: One half that contains the main vascular trunks

Heart (Ao: aorta, Cv: conoventricular vein, La: left auricle, Lv: left ventricle, Ra: right auricle, Rv: right ventricle).

Heart (Ao: aorta, At: atrium, Lv: left ventricle, Rv: right ventricle).

A longitudinal section through both ventricles should be made from the base to the apex of the heart. Do not open the heart at necropsy. The half with the main vessel trunks is blocked to get a section through the opened ventricles and atria with auricles as well as through base, septum, apex, papillary muscle and main vessels of the heart.

See also:

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