International Harmonization of Rat Nomenclature

Access and navigation

In order to reduce download time, the nomenclature tables are presented on an organ-by-organ basis. Access to the individual documents is provided through the functions present in the blue "Navigation Bar" at the bottom of the screen. Since this frame is present on all pages, navigation can be performed very efficiently without loading additional index pages. Please note that JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to use the functions (please see also "Browser: Recommendations and requirements").

In the Navigation Bar you find:

  • Buttons (at the top of the navigation bar), which should be used to quickly return to the starting page or to move to other pages providing additional information. Please note that the status bar of your browser shows a short text message when you hover with the mouse over the buttons.

  • The selection box "Organ": select an organ from the alphabetically sorted list and click GO. Alternatively you can use the first option "––Overview––", which shows a list of all organs together with the size of the individual documents.

  • The selection box "Organ System": select an organ system from the alphabetically sorted list and click GO. Alternatively you can use also here the first option "––Overview––" to retrieve a list of all organs, structured by organ systems. You may select either an individual organ or the complete organ system. Again, the size of each document is shown. Selecting an organ system results in a larger file, however, printing the nomenclature is easier this way.

At the bottom of each nomenclature table links to the Previous and Next page are present. Please note that pages are arranged in the sequence according to the organ system index.

Last Update: 21-Jun-2000